Yolandi Visser, 38
South African vocalist
most popular
  • Birthday
    December 1, 1984
  • Birthplace
    Port Alfred, South Africa
  • Age
    38 Years

Yolandi Visser is a South African rapper, songwriter, singer as well as music video director. Yolandi Visser is mostly famous for being a female vocalist in the rap-rave group Die Antwood. She also has had a role as Yolamdi Visser in the 2015 Neill Blomkamp film Chappie with a number of acting roles.

Early Life 

Yolandi Visser real name is Anri du Toit. She was born in 1984 on 1 December in Port Alfred, South Africa. And she was an adopted child of a local Christian minister and his wife. Her father’s Bendu Toit, a priest, and her mother is a housewife. She also has got one older brother.

Her nationality is South African. She is of Dutch descent with Caucasian by ethnic group. During descent with childhood, Yolamdi simultaneously turned into a rebel as her family was conservative in nature. Since her childhood, she was fond of music but she doesn’t know more about it. In her early life, she also got involved in physical fights with her peers.

She started her boarding school in Pretoria when she was 16 years old. Her school name is St. Dominic’s Catholic which is only for girls and she study there since 5 years old. After that, she attended Lady Grey Arts Academy at that point. She sifted to Cape Town after she completed her studies.

Professional Life and Achievements

Yolandi Visser also had an interest in music since her childhood but she hardly understood rap. After Yolandi went to the city of Pretoria to attend school, she befriended Murkus, who was a musician. He was very good at making electronic music on fruity loops and Markus often recorded Yolandi’s voice to mix the sound into his tracks. She became interested in making tracks but also she still had no more knowledge of music.

Also, she met Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) in Cape Town who invented her to join his rap group when she showed dome songs she had made with Markus. Thus, their own group was made called ‘Die Antwoord’. They made Many successful songs and albums. A while later, producer DJ Hi-Tek whose real name s Justin de Nobrega also joined them.

Yolandi Visser at a show (Source: Pinterest)Yolandi Visser at a show (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, she was a member of the music and art group The Constructs Corporation before joining Die Antwoord. Furthermore, she was also a member of the South African ‘corporate’ hip-hop group MaxNormal TV. She played the role of Max Normal’s personal assistant in this group. Her video ‘Enter the Ninja’ was a super hit, skyrocketing escalating her career. The video includes her cyberpunk school girl appearance which impressed the audience.

After, she was offered a role in 2010 in Devid Fincher’s adaptation of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tatto’. But she rejected it because she wished to focus on her music. Also, she and Ninja together rejected Lady Gaga’s offer to do the opening act for her show. Finally, in the end, they accept the roles to portray themselves in ‘Chappie’. This project director was South African Blomkamp. Their professional life also includes some TV appearances that she made.

In bronze and gold leaf by the great English artist Damien Hirst, the lead female voice of ‘Die Antwoord’ has been canonized. She is the inspiration for his artwork for Damien Hirst. Other than that,  he has also considered her as a Goddess from the ancient civilization.

Rumors and Controversy

As she was a member of a band, ‘Die Antwoord’, there were so many rumors that said the band would snap. Some other controversies regarding her about the pictures she posted on social media. Some fans specify her as a style icon and gifted musician while others label her as a musical dishonor. In 2019 another controversy occurred in a video, apparently from 2012 appeared showing du Toit and Tudor Jones physically accusing of sexual assault and shouting homophobic abuse at the openly gay musician Andy Butler.

By and by, they announce that Butler had harassed them many times in the weeks before. Butler had also followed du Toit into the women’s toilet and harassed her directly beforehand.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Yolandi Visser met a musician boyfriend named Markus in her high school days. Markus also used to record her voice and mix it into his tracks as discussed before. Because of that Yolandi is interested in music.

Yolandi Visser with her daughter (Source: Pinterest)Yolandi Visser with her daughter (Source: Pinterest)

Consecutively, she later dated Ninja and they got married. They had a daughter  Sixteen who was born on 5th January 2005. Due to some reasons, the couple separated in 2009. But she and Ninja continued to make music together. Afterward, their daughter debuted in this field at the age of 7 years and she is also a good singer and songwriter like her parents.

She is able to earn $1.67 million annually and her Net Worth is around $10 million as per the record.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Yolandi Visser’s height is around 5 feet and 1 inch and her body weight is estimated at 53 kg. She has an unusual kind of appearance to some extent with tattoos on her finger. Her haircut is blonde and her eye color is blue.

She is not that active on social media but she has got 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

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