Bryan Lanning, 34
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  • Birthday
    January 20, 1990
  • Birthplace
    California, United States
  • Age
    34 Years

Bryan Lanning is a prominent American YouTuber, videographer, and Country singer. Bryan Lanning is best known for his YouTube Vlogs: Daily Bumps Vlog. Lanning is also recognized for the singles “Who Knew” and “This Is Home” in 2015.

Early life

Bryan Lanning was born on 20 January 1990 in California, United States. Growing up his childhood was not that stable, his family was financially unstable. He is the younger child of his parents, he has an older sister Bev Lanning.

He was raised by a single mother and was born to a single mother out of an affair that did not lead to marriage. Similarly, he and his sister were brought up by their grandmother, his life as a child was hard as a child and maybe that is the reason why he worked hard and gave his best.

Bryan LanningBryan Lanning with his mother (Source: Instagram)

And today he has earned fame, name and he is happy with his family. However, despite these challenges, he was able to make his life worth it.

Educational Background

Bryan had a hard life back then, his family was financially unstable, raised by his single mother, and was brought by his grandmother. His childhood was troubled by poverty and he couldn’t get a good education. But with absolute determination and support from his grandmother, he developed his career and has even managed to succeed in a university degree.

He was able to attend school and graduated with  Bachelor’s degree from Boise State University. He Lanning had graduated to become a videographer but had a passion for music which led him to take a music lesson.

Professional Life

In between sunshine and shadow, there’s is Life. Bryan Lanning had enough of a hard time in his early days & childhood days. It was time to attain happiness and success in his life.

So, In 2011, he left his hometown of Emmett, Idaho with his partner: high-school sweetheart, their dog, and a dream, dream; to have a great life ahead. The pairs went west to California, where they found success on YouTube for sharing their every day, cheerful,country-living mindset with the world.

Their videos were about the experience of living out life to the fullest it inspired most of the people who one day aspire to achieve their dreams which is not only limited up to their hometown but also beyond their familiar surrounding. In 2016, he released his debut single, “This is Home”.

Bryan LanningBryan Lanning at an event (Source: Instagram)

This single streamed over 9 million times and featured his wife and son in the music video.  Although he graduate to become a videographer his passion for music never leave so he wanted to follow his musical dream as well.

Likewise, his dream to be a touring music artist has since encouraged him to make a healthy change and lose over 80 pounds and commenced him to Cali Co- a professional music studio. He established from the ground up with a long-time friend and producer, Daniel Martin.


He dedicated his whole time to his passion and continues to grow as a musician by collaborating with other professionals, as he transitions to a career of live entertainment- where he can show his family the world while sharing a piece of his with the fans.

Memories are always the best it brings happiness to our face and sometimes sadness but no matter what memories are always strong.

So for the memories, he and his wife, Missy created the “Bumps Along the Way” YouTube channel and the Daily Bumps Vlog to document their beautiful journey before and after the birth of their first child. Further, he was featured in the video “EVERY FLAVOR BEAN CHALLENGE”.

The vlog on the YouTube channel features planning family members: he and his wife Missy Lanning, and their children. The vlog was an instant success when he featured several funny pictures and videos of the family. It was targeted at other young families, earning billions of views.

After the success of “Bumps Along the Way” he was well-known and utilizing his popularity he started his vlog. He began posting his singles on his website and social media sites. Two of his singles,’ Who knew’ and ‘This Is Home.’ Later, he released an Epp ‘Like a Lion n the year 2016.

His popularity rose to the next level when these posts were released to the public and his fame spread all over the world. Apart from being a singer, videographer, and YouTuber, he is also a successful entrepreneur. He trades different products like T-Shirts, mobile phone covers, etc.

Awards Achievements and Net worth

Bryan Lanning knows about the hardship of life, he has seen the worst and has seen the best. Now he hopes his children will always get the best that he hadn’t had the chance to get. Lanning’s biggest achievement is he had a successful life.

He followed his passion and was recognized for his originality, along with his family’s YouTube channel got successful. Although there’s no such record of him receiving any awards it is no doubt with his talent and passion he will grab some handsome awards in the future.

Similarly, talking about his earnings and net worth, he earns a decent amount of money. He earns through his YouTube channel and his music skills. Nevertheless, some sources estimate his net worth at around $5 Million.

He also earns some income from several activities, like selling T-Shirts and mobile phone covers. His income has enabled him to acquire his own Volvo XC90 car and lead a comfortable life with his family. He is still active and will increase his net worth in the future

Personal life

Bryan Lanning is a family man. He knows the value and importance of family. He never knew his father which led to a challenging childhood. Most of his childhood moments were spent in San Diego where he lived with his grandmother together with his big sister Bev Lanning.

Bryan LanningBryan Lanning with his wife (Source: Instagram)

He met his life partner in high school and tie their knot on August 8, 2008. In 2013, they welcomed their firstborn baby followed by their second child in 2015. He is a charitable and benevolent person who alongside his wife supports many charities including ‘ Anchor Cambodia Fund’ and ‘Ailing Horse Ranches’ in the USA. 

Body Measurements & Social Media

Bryan has a spectacular personality and is an inspiring person. He has a decent height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 75 Kgs. His chest- waist- arm body measurements are 42-32-14 inches. Moreover, he has dark brown hair and blue eyes color. He has maintained his body and looks pretty amazing.

Similarly, he is active on various social media platforms. He has carved out his career from social media platforms, he is available on different social media accounts. He has more than 547K followers on Instagram and is active on his Twitter account where he has more than 180.2 K followers.

Likewise, he is available on Facebook with more than 78K followers and is mostly active on his YouTube channel. He has successful numbers of subscribers on both his YouTube channel and his own.

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